Federal law forbids the carrage of hazardous material aboard the aircraft, in your luggage, or on your person. a violation can result in 5 years imprisonment and penalties of UDS 250,000 or more,-49 U.S.C 5124-. Hazardous materials include, explosives, compressed gasses, flammable liquids, compressed gases, Flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisions, corrosives and radioactive materials. Forbidden dangerous item examples - paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gases, oxygen bottles and radiopharmacruticals. There are special exceptions for small quantities, -up to 70 ounces total- of medicinal and toilet articles carried on your person. not- spare batteries and fuel cells are not permitted in checked or hold baggage. These items must be packed in carry on baggage. If your carry on bag is gate checked, the spare batteries and fuel cells must be removed and carried in the cabin. On your behalf, you agree to and acknowledge this information as mandated by the US Department of Transprotation/DOT.